Last Thursday evening, Aug. 15, the El Dorado Springs School Board held a special meeting to hear citizens’ concerns who want the school to let athletes sign up for more than one sport in the same season.

One school board member was not present –  Teri Shepard – and that proved to be crucial to the outcome. Present were Chad Whitesell, Benny Brower, Mark Burley, Josh Floyd, Nathan Murry and Darrell Eason – presiding.

After opening remarks by Supt. Mark Koca, patrons who had signed up were given a chance to express their opinions and concerns. Remarks were heard from both sides.

In the March 8 regular board meeting, the board discussed the same issue and voted 7-0 to not allow dual sports signup. At the Aug. 8 meeting, Benny Brower said that El Dorado Springs never had any teams go beyond district until the board banned dual enrollment.

About 45 people attended the Sept. 15 meeting.

After a lengthy discussion, Brower made a motion, seconded by Floyd, to got back to the previous policy allowing dual sport signup for a one year trial.

The vote was a 3-3 tie which meant it failed.

The board has put the issue on the agenda for the open session after the Thursday, Sept. 22, tax rate hearing.