The El Dorado Springs R-II School Board held its final meeting of the fiscal year on June 29 to change the budget figures to actual as requested by the auditors.

Board members present were Benny Brower, Mark Burley, Terry Shepherd, Greg Beydler and Darrell Eason – presiding. Chad Whitesell and Josh Floyd were absent.

The ever enthusiastic Lynn McClaughry gave a review of the Parents as Teachers program. One thing she said which the general public can assist with is the collection of items to raise funds: they get 24 cents for each Tyson Project A+ label. Parents as Teachers really needs your help as there are over 40 products that quality.

PAT also collects Woods receipts and Best Choice Labels.

The PAT budget is $78,000 per year. It serves 73 families, 95 children. Lynn and Debbie Vickers conducted 449 home visits.

The board amended the FY 17 budget to actual.

The board approved the payment of bills totaling $93,018, which is less than a normal month because school is not in session.

The board approved transfer of “up to the maximum” amount from Fund 1 to Fund 4 which is the one time and only way to get money from the operating fund into the building fund.

The board approved its only bid for replacing five HVAC units from Stutesman for $33,472.

The board approved changes to policy and regulations for calendar requirements, food service, meal charges and student welfare and wellness.

The board adopted the FY 18 budget as presented. The projected ending balance in one year is $3,897,360. The budget calls for $120,000 in deficit spending for the next fiscal year.

The board discussed joining a consortium for roofing part of the Elementary School. The consensus was to place bids.

Supt. Koca said that participation in Career Ladder by teachers is growing. He said that roughly 55 teachers participate at a cost of about $150,000.

Supt. Mark Koca told the board that teacher turnover is “at the lowest level it’s been since I came here.”

He told the board that the school has lost 13% of its students since 2006 because of smaller classes. The just enrolled first grade class started with 50 students. It is now up to 61, about 40 short of historical class numbers. Supt. Koca said that each student brings in $5,200 in state and federal money: 40 X $5,200 will leave the district $208,000 short on normal funding.

Supt. Koca said he conducted a survey of teacher staffing in surrounding districts and found that El Dorado Springs R-II possibly has 10 to 15 too many teachers.

The next regular board meeting will be July 13.

Dr. Teresa Christian gave a report on Professional Development, which Board Member Greg Beydler said is the reason they hired her.

She said there is $70,000 federal money for professional development and $49,000 state money which must be spent for that purpose. Dr. Christian said she put one person in each building in charge of professional development and each one of them can delegate for the special training. She said that is working well because it comes from teachers’ peers.

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