MDC ‘DISPATCHES’ HUGE BOAR – “The Missouri Department of Conservation, and the other members of the Missouri Feral Hog Partnership, have developed a Strategic Plan and are diligently working towards complete elimination of feral hogs from Missouri. The Plan focuses on trapping the hogs, not hunting them. The hog (pictured above) was captured and dispatched by an MDC employee on public land near Taberville on Thursday, Dec. 27. Due to the widespread knowledge and interest within the local communities of the “Taberville hog”, Department staff weighed the animal in at a notable 465 lbs. Feral hogs are an extremely destructive, invasive species in Missouri. Their opportunistic rooting and wallowing behavior causes damage to croplands, pastures, and natural areas, and negatively impacts the health of Missouri wildlife. Feral hogs are known to carry many diseases, some of which can be transmitted to domestic livestock, hunting dogs and humans. This is just one hog and there are still many well-established populations in Missouri that need to be removed. The Department of Conservation and all members of the Missouri Feral Hog Partnership encourage people to “Report – Don’t Shoot” feral hogs. Report feral hog sightings and learn more about feral hog elimination efforts at”

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