Rachel Watson integrates the qualities of visionary, integrator and influencer in her work as general manager of Keller Williams Greater Springfield.

‘Some days, I have to show up as the visionary for our team to ensure everyone knows where we are going and where they fit into the picture,” Watson says. “Other days, I am the integrator, building out new systems and processes to make our office and team more efficient and managing the day-to-day issues that arise.”

Watson says she prioritizes collaborative leadership and encourages her team to express their creativity and take ownership of their work. She values the creative side of the real estate industry and uses her other role as leadership coach to foster others’ potential both professionally and personally. Watson spends one-on-one time with each of her teammate weekly, to check in and address any immediate concerns, and to explore their ideas.

“Witnessing their growth and seeing them achieve their own milestones has been incredibly rewarding, and it reinforces my belief in the power of effective leadership,” she says.

Watson has become an advocate for resilience, which was reinforced during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the unpredictable time, Watson says she was able to respond swiftly to the crisis and adapt to the new circumstances within a 24-hour time frame.

“Despite the abrupt transition, we ensured that all procedures compiled with the necessary safety protocols, thereby securing both the well-being of our agents and the continuity of our business operation,” she says.

Watson attributes her resilience, along with her passion for empowering others, to her success of those around her.

Watson strives to pave the way for her client’s business expansions, emphasizing the need for continuous learning. She says this reinforces her collaborative approach to leadership and ensures that she can work with her clients to foster success, rather than just working for them.

Watson says a diagnosis her husband, Trey, received sparked a newfound leadership drive in her and resulted in the birth of the Tee 1 D Diabetes Foundation.

After Trey was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2019, Watson says it was the lack of resources, education and local community support that led to her co-founding the foundation in collaboration with her husband.

The foundation has since raised $20,000. Watson and her husband plan to hold their first free community education event, with the hopes of further education and spreading awareness about diabetes. Watson says this work continues to fulfill her personal mission of leaving a positive and lasting influence on those around her.

-Maura Curran, editorial intern

Rachel (Lusk) Watson is the daughter of Nahwana and Johnny Maslen. Rachel graduated from El Dorado Springs High School and Missouri State University, Springfield. She is currently General Manager at Keller Williams of Springsfield.

In Her Words

Family: Trey, my husband, and I recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary. We’re blessed with two adorable fur babies. We cherish spending quality time with our parents, siblings and our growing nieces and nephews.

Words to live by: You are the sum of the five people who spend the most time with you, as their influence shapes your perspectives, values and, ultimately, your path in life.

Advice to women: Every time you pretend to be less than you are, you steal from other women. Dare to be the change today, if you want tomorrow to be different.

Critical trait in leaders: Integrity. It establishes trust, credibility, ethical decision-making, consistency, accountability, respect and long-term success. Leaders who prioritize integrity not only inspire loyalty and respect but also create a positive and ethical work environment that benefits both individuals and organizations in the long run.