Sunday night about 10:30, Keven Costello, manager of the nursing home in Stockton, was on his way home north of Stockton and was talking on his cell phone with a male friend, according to Cedar County Sheriff James McCrary.

Costello told his friend that a car was following him closely, then Costello said the car had passed his vehicle and stopped in the road.

Costello told his friend he was going to “see what they wanted.” Costello said it was a little white car that had been running up and down the roads around Stockton.

That was the last Costello was heard from until about noon Monday when he showed up at a house south of El Dorado Springs.

The sheriff said his officers found Costello’s car where he had left it with the motor still running. His cell phone was found in the ditch near there. The sheriff said deputies drove the car to Costello’s home.

Shf. McCrary said Costello had injuries and was taken to Citizens Memorial Hospital in Bolivar. The sheriff said it was not obvious whether Costello had been beat up, but the sheriff figured he had been. It is unknown whether Costello was robbed.

The sheriff thought the distance from Costello’s vehicle to the house where he showed up was too great for him to have walked.

Q. Do you think somebody hauled him away then dumped him?

“That’s what I think,” the sheriff said.

The sheriff said Costello was “shook up” and couldn’t tell him a lot about the incident except that it was one male subject of unknown age.

Shf. McCrary asked that anyone who has information about the incident call his  office at 417/276-5133.