As a Christian woman and member of the LGBTQ community, I sometimes find myself targets of both sides. But, I am most curious about the right-wing Christians who act like LGBTQ people (and pro-choice people, Muslims and illegal immigrants) are the only sinners in the world.

What about all the other sinners? What about liars, thieves, jealous people, people who curse, people who don’t keep the Sabbath and straight cisgender adulterers? Are their sins ok? When was the last time your pastor preached a good old fire and brimstone sermon about liars? Thieves? Jealous people? Are those sins ok? Do they not harm the “moral fabric” of our nation?

When I was a kid, and went to Baptist and Pentecostal churches, I heard sermons about the sinners that smoke and drink alcohol. What happened to those sinners? Maybe they are not as interesting as LGBTQ people? Is that it?

Preaching about one sin or group of sinners isn’t going to do anything except further divide our country.

For that matter, preaching about any “sin” does no good. People need to be preaching about love, compassion and generosity, and perhaps our land could be healed. And prayer needs to be restored at home and not school. That’s another area we often misinterpret.

Angel Shipp,

Castro Valley, CA

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