Congratulations to the El Dorado Springs Girls’ Basketball team for their 2nd Place finish in the MSHSAA Class 3 Girls Basketball State Championship this year.
As a team hosts for the Missouri State High School Basketball Championships in Springfield, we had the opportunity to spend time with your girls’ basketball players and coaches throughout the championship weekends the past two years. They were distinguished representatives of their community and school. You should be proud of the excellent impression they made in Springfield. Your team and their coaches are a class act and we really enjoyed hosting them again this year. They were very appreciative of our help the last two years and let us know it. They were very personable and made the weekend a great experience for us as well. We will enjoy following these girls throughout their careers and seeing them develop into successful women in whatever they choose to do.
Congratulations to the community, the school, and most importantly the TEAM for placing 2nd in the Class 3 Girls Basketball Championship and for making back to back appearances in the Class 3A Final Four which is a very hard feat to achieve. Also, congratulations to all the players and coaches earning post-season awards – well deserved. We hope to see the Bulldogs back again for future Show-Me Showdowns. Although we won’t be your host in Columbia you can count on us being in your cheering section supporting you.
Sherry Rouner and Cindy Floyd
MSHSAA Basketball Hosts