The purpose of this letter is to advise folks in the El Dorado Springs community of the attitudes and actions of your neighbors, friend and/or family. Without knowing who these particular people are, I can only generalize-they are trespassers and thieves.

Recently, my family member(s) removed all their belongings from their El Dorado Springs home of 30 + years. In the process, they discarded numerous trash bags and a dumpster-full of unwanted “stuff.” The next day, they returned to complete their move, only to find that “someone” had dug through the dumpster, throwing out what “they” didn’t want everywhere but where it should have been-in the dumpster.

Even worse, and even more hurtful, “they” stole plants planted in coal buckets and antique wire baskets, and even dug up the prayer-verse plaque from the garden. These were items of decoration around the yard.

So, please, citizens, observe your neighbors, friend and family and if the stolen items ‘turn up,’ you will know the quality and character of the people you know as neighbors, friends and/or family.