What is the true story of the conflicts that define our troubling political era? David Horowitz in Blitz explains much of it.

According to Blitz, after the 2016 election, George Soros organized and paid for an event to adopt a strategy to resist the new president and move the Democratic Party further to the left. Attending was a coalition of 110 billionaires who have each contributed $200,000 a year for leftwing causes for decades; also trade unions; the marxoid ‘Working Families Party;’ philanthropic and advocacy groups lie Tides Foundation; smear sites like Blood Money and the Southern Poverty Law Center; and violent street communists like Occupy Wall Street and Black live Matter. (“The Communist Movement Reborn” The David Horowitz Freedom Center 2012.) (David Horowitz and Richard Poe, The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party.”)

The Resistance Army, 172 organizations, obstructed every effort the new president made, yet he accomplished saving American lives with COVID 19 management; cut taxes and regulations creating a business surge; pushed unemployment down to 3.5 percent including the lowest unemployment figures in history for African-Americans, Hispanics and women; made the US the leading energy producer on earth; and much more. He has made good on most of his campaign promises.

Lawlessness abounds especially in Democratic-run cities today. Bland Lives Matter and Antifa have used bad police actions as an excuse to destroy cities. They have said if their demands are not met there will be consequences. District Attorneys in some cities refuse to hold BLM accountable, official refused President Trump;s help to control the situation in most cities. Blitz says New York City, Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Newark and Atlanta have been controlled by the Democratic Party for 50 to 100 years. These cities account for the majority of homicides and robberies in America, much of the urban poverty, welfare dependency, drug addiction and majority of the failed schools where 40% don’t graduate and 40% of those who do are functionally illiterate. President Trump early cares for our most vulnerable people and wants all people to have a better life. The Democrats would like to see the whole county under their control and in this misery. On Sean Hannity’s radio show Sept. 21, 2020, they said BLM collaborated with a Chinese communist group in San Francisco.

Police reform is needed, but violence against policemen is wrong. They must be supported, not defunded.

Liberty Guard is distributing viral video versions on several reports via email, social media (facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) one is THE BIDEN FAMILY CARTEL. Please watch these and tell your friends. Also, I would be leased for you to send my letters to friends in other cities. They could erase my name and submit them to their newspapers under their name. Everyone needs this information.

Carolyn West

El Dorado Springs

P.S. I know many fine Americans who are Democrats, but their party has been hijacked by leftists.