First and foremost, it must be understood that the CCMH Board of Trustees and only the Board controls what takes place during our meetings. While the CEO does provide input for the agenda, it is the responsibility of the Board to set that agenda.

Further, the protocols for public participation in a Board meeting that were introduced at the September 20th meeting were developed by the Board at the recommendation of the Board’s attorney. Mr. Nichols made no comment or suggestions regarding the protocols (which included the time limitation on speakers during the Public Comments portion of the Board meeting). Despite Mrs. Fugate’s assertions to the contrary, Mr. Nichols did not orchestrate what took place at the September 20 Board meeting.

Mrs. Fugate also states, “I know that there are many, many people upset about our lack of providers and have expressed concerns to the board but, they are not listening.” The Board understands the importance of providers to the health of our community. That is why CCMH, under the direction of Mr. Nichols, has increased the number of providers in the community since Mr. Nichols started in May of 2022. Further, our providers are seeing more patients each month than ever before in the history of CCMH. The numbers don’t lie. In May of 2022, we had 2 providers on staff at the clinic who saw an average of 200 patients per month. Now, we have 5 providers seeing an average of 1,000 patients per month. In May 2022 we had 8 specialty doctors providing care in the community and now have at least 11, again, seeing more patients each month.

The examples of the phenomenal progress made at CCMH since May of 2022 are numerous. Yet, instead of celebrating and building on this progress, the Board and Hospital are being forced to divert both time and money to respond to unfounded and inaccurate allegations made by an anonymous group of citizens, former employees, and now Mrs. Fugate.

The Board understands that change is difficult. The Board also understands the difficult financial situation in which CCMH found itself when Mr. Nichols was hired in May 2022. Extracting CCMH from its financial difficulties could not happen without the types of change that would disrupt the status quo at CCMH.  That said, as a result of these changes, CCMH is well on its way to extracting itself from those financial difficulties, expanding the availability of healthcare services in our community, and charting a solid path to the future.

So, the next time you hear something negative about CCMH or Mr. Nichols, please reach out to a Board member and hear the other side of the story. We guarantee you, that your opinion will be changed when you hear the good news and the things we have in store for the future.

David Bozarth

CCMH Board of Trustees