I feel very fortunate to have a newspaper that is not controlled by a board of directors who will set a policy to only publish viewpoints that agree with their own. Kenny Long will publish a viewpoint that seems to go against something he believes in.

Larry Dablemont has long been a thorn in side of the Missouri Department of Conservation because he reports the truth about them and they cannot stand for the truth to be known by the residents of Missouri. A big part of their income comes from the state sales tax and they don’t wish to lose that.

Recently he has expounded on Chronic Wasting Disease and his viewpoints is different from MDC and they have pulled out all the stops to discredit Larry. The latest was Nov. 30, in the Sun when Brandon Butler who bills himself as the Executive Director of the Conservation Federation of Missouri, whatever that is. I have never heard of that group and have no idea the amount of education one must have to speak as a authority on the subject of conservation or to hold the position he claims to hold in that organization.

I am aware of Larry’s education and most importantly the amount of time Larry has spent in the woods and rivers and know that his viewpoints come from experience in the natural world and not behind a desk writing articles trying to discredit someone about something they believe in Larry has a number of activities that relate to hunting and fishing and he makes no money from that part of his life. Unlike the MDC whose major source of income is the sale of hunting permits to out of state persons to hunt the white tail deer. If Larry’s articles caused a drop off in those sales it would be a disaster for the MDC and they cannot allow that.

So now we see them doing everything in their power to discredit Larry and keep their Goose laying those golden eggs. This is like so many other areas, always follow the money and see who is going to benefit from their actions.

I will stick with Larry Dablemont and his viewpoint all the way.

Bud Olinger

El Dorado Springs

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