In the past 15 months I’ve been in three hospitals, Barnes in St. Louis, Freeman in Joplin and Cedar County Memorial in El Dorado Springs. Cedar County Memorial by far was the best in every way. Exceptional nurses. Dr. Wyant is very good. OT and PT are the best. It may be small but it actual put the patient first. When you ring for a nurse they come quickly.

They have a wonderful nutrition team that takes care of your needs. The food is good.

The social worker does an excellent job. Cedar Count is low income with lots of senior citizens and people that do not drive in larger cities. It’s expensive, time consuming and hard on someone that’s ill to go to some other county.

It would be a shame to loose this facility. We are privileged to have a fine, efficient hospital and staff in Cedar County. It was by far the cleanest. Hats off to housekeeping staff.

Thank you

Jackie Cargill