I received your letter on Memorial Day. Thank you for your  military service.

Please forgive me for not buying the one-foot in the grave scenario you keep preaching for El Dorado Springs.

For two weeks in a row you’ve mentioned the failures of the past, the lack of leadership in years gone by and by extension to what is going on now. I want to know who and what you are talking about. Tell me what you know and how you know it. Part of solving any situation is getting all the facts – on both sides.

I’m fascinated with all the problems you seem to think are lurking around every corner. Surely you realize that the people who supposedly created the problems 50 or 40 years ago, made their decisions based on the facts they had at the time. I learned the other day that a majority of Americans feel it was wrong to drop nuclear bombs on Japan to end WWII. But to those people 71 years ago it was definitely the right thing to do. This example might be extreme, but don’t you understand that for the most part we cannot judge people of the past by our own values much less by opportunities that didn’t even exist at the time?

I sometimes wonder if 50 or so years down the road, the people who are here will look back on all the work we’re doing now and say, “What were they thinking? Didn’t they know…?”

You mentioned other places that have overcome their demise and are now thriving and growing communities. Names, please.

Yes, I did and do get your point. You love El Dorado Springs, or you love your vision of El Dorado Springs. But, as the song says, “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.” I hope that your contributions to Houston make everyone in El Dorado Springs proud.

Thank you for writing. Next time you visit in El Dorado Springs, come visit with me.

Kimball Long


El Dorado Springs Sun

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