I decided to get away from politics this week. I just saw a picture of two McCormick’s black pepper containers, exactly the same size, along a smaller size Watkins black pepper container. One of the McCormick’s cans said the contents were 8 oz. The other McCormick’s can said the contents were 6 oz. The Watkins can said the contents was 6 oz. I only thought this was interesting, because I believe there is a lot of deception going on.

In fact, I was deceived just last week on eBay. I was looking for some maribou jigs to purchase to add to my lure collection. I saw this one where it showed a card of 12 maribou jigs that I liked, so I bought it. When it came in the mail, there was only one maribou jig. I looked back on his description, and sure enough, in small letters, he stated that the purchase was for one jig.

One has to read the description carefully. You might see a kayak pictured with oars, but that does not mean you get the oars with the kayak. Just be careful what you buy, especially online, and don’t forget to read the small print. Don’t guess what you are getting; know what you are getting.

Mark E. Rogers

El Dorado Springs