Why is it we can’t get rid of this rampage we call meth? The ones that use it are very self-centered and most times unable to tell the truth. I know that because I have a family member and his wife that has it very bad. In fact, the last part of 2016, they had their four children taken away for two week. It wasn’t nearly long enough. They did get some counseling after they got the kids back, it didn’t help the situation much.

They neither one can get or keep a job. At this time the only money coming in is a check for the care of the Down Syndrome 12-year-old. They do get food stamps, but as a rule, the food purchased goes to the adults. Very little goes toward proper nutrition for the children. When they were in foster care, they didn’t know why they were being served an evening meal. At home, I guess they weren’t. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to stop the use of meth.

The man has been an off and on user of meth for at least 15 years. The wife has come from a family that has thought of it as the right thing to do. They do a little bit of pot. They seem to think that pot will cure Down Syndrome. He claims to have fathered over 20 children…we in the family, only know of six, plus two adopted. He may have fathered that many but someone else has provided love and the money it took to get them as far as they are. That includes his present situation. People on drugs don’t care about their children.

If something doesn’t happen to repair the kid’s lives, something bad might happen. You know there is only so much a child can take. These children have already taken more than a grow-up could.

Mary Jenkins