I was surprised when this newspaper published a letter to the Editor titled, “Write On,” published June 26. The writer called a huge faction of America a “Republican Taliban” and described Republicans, our President and our Supreme Court as intolerant to the LGBTQ crowd and promoting rape and assault against this segment of the population. I find this appalling since many of our American soldiers died in Afghanistan fighting against the Taliban. This newspaper should be concerned with factual accuracy and not something that is rife with political, left wing talking points that have distorted views of America, its citizens our president and the Supreme Court.

These kinds of lies and innuendo were used under Chairman Mao’s Communist rule during his “Cultural Revolution.” The idea of publishing these kinds of falsehoods was to discredit his opponent’s chances of getting elected. That worked in China but ended in disastrous results.

Terri Soucek

El Dorado Springs

Publishers note: The letters to the editor is an open forum. There are a few rules. You must sign your letter and give a contact number. It doesn’t matter how good your letter is or how much we agree with your argument, “name withheld” isn’t going to make it. You can’t accuse anybody of a crime – tell law enforcement. You have to make the deadline – noon Monday.

If we write a story, we make sure that it is factually accurate. Letters are opinions. You and Ms. Shipp share the same First Amendment Right of free speech.

My preference would have been for you to address the issues Ms. Shipp raised, rather than be concerned that I wasn’t controlling someone who has a different view than most of the people in this area. But, the letters to the editor is an open forum. Ms. Shipp can speak her mind and so can you.

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