James McCrary For Cedar County Sheriff.

McCrary Man of his Word.

As a local businessman of over 30 years in Cedar County I strongly recommend and endorse James “Jim Bob” McCrary for Sheriff.

When I go to the polls to vote I look at how the candidates have conducted themselves during their political campaign. I feel that will reflect on how they will conduct their daily activities that will impact all of us in Cedar County.

I ask myself, have they been honest or have they painted a false picture of their opponent?

I think if the Cedar County residents look at what Jim Bob has accomplished for our city and county with over 24 years of law enforcement experience in Cedar County, it is clear that he has our best interest at heart. He is a man of morals and refuses to run a negative campaign. I have known Jim Bob for over 25 years personally and through local businesses connections and he is a man of his word.

He has proven that his main focus is on the safety of Cedar County residents and his duties of office. Jim Bob has a high degree of integrity, responsibility and accountability.

I sincerely hope when going to the polls this year you look at what needs our county and community are in need of. With the current environment and almost daily attacks nationwide we need a sheriff who has both administrative and field experience. As our former police chief and proven investigator, he has my vote.

Rick Allenbrand

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