Dear Governor Parson and Missouri Citizens,

I want to ask you to consider how we can protect our property rights, natural resources, and right t earn a living in Missouri. Some factory farms have driven people off their land by polluting their water, soil, and air. They have controlled prices so that smaller producers went out of business. They have decimated whole communities with people having to move away to earn a living.

Chris McGreal in The Guardian, March 9, 2019, said the system has been set up for the benefit of factory farm corporations and their shareholders, at the expense of family farmers, the real people, our environment, and our food system. He said factory farms pollute the environment and depress property values. He wrote about Tim Gibbons of Missouri Rural Crisis Center, a support group for family farmers, who said in 1985 Missouri had 23,000 independent pig farmers. In 2019 there were just over 2,000. Independent cattle farms fell to 40% over the same period. He said the cycle of economic shocks blended with government prices created a monopolization of the livestock industry.

Governor Parson, you want Missouri to feed the world. That would be great, our farmers prospering, and selling lots of farm products. Our state also depends on tourism, and that depends on healthy soil, water, and air. After Missouri feeds the world, we want to still have beautiful rivers teeming with fish, and fresh air to breathe, and healthy communities with many residents. Some say your hands are tied in protecting us against SB391, that would take away local officials rights to enforce county health ordinances. Also HB158, and SB699 will be voted on soon. They are about the same thing. Surely you can influence members of the legislature to do what’s right.

Citizens please call the Governor’s office 573-751-3222

Representative’s office 573-751-4065

Senator’s office 573-751-8793

If in the Cedar County, or in your own district if not, and tell them SB391, HB1583, and SB699 are unconstitutional and quit favoring factory farms against the family farms.

Family Farms, not Factory Farms Lobby Day


Carolyn West

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