I have known for a long time that there was an ugly under-bell of the Democratic Party but we didn’t see just how ugly it was until President Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the United States Supreme Court and we saw the hate mongers come out in droves to attack him.

When in regular session, they couldn’t’ find anything else for it seemed as if he was squeaky clean. The senior member of the Democratic Party, “Dianna Feinstein” pulled out of her pocket a letter she had been withholding from the committee for several weeks and entered this into the hearing that Brett Kavangugh was an abuser of women dating back almost 40 years Now isn’t that amazing, for he had been vetted by the FBI six times and this had never came into their report.

The woman accusing Judge Kavanaugh had never made a report of the incident to the Police or to her parents and not even to her best friend. Oh, she was just so devastated by this entire event she put it out of her mind. At least until she saw Judge Kavanaugh might be elevated to the U.S. Supreme Court and then the entire sordid event returned to her and she knew as a citizen she must speak out at long last. I mean speaking out would be as a public minded citizen and not as a director of biostatics at Concept. Concept Therapeutics Inc. a company that has a $1.66 billion market worth with current annual sales of $216 million. This is the company that makes the Morning After Pill that a woman can take after engaging in sexual intercourse if she was to lazy or ignorant to take proper precautions before engaging in intercourse.

Now if Judge Kavanaugh should be on the court and have a vote to reverse Roe v Wade that might have an impact on the company she works for. A long time ago someone once said “Follow the money.” And that is just as true now as then.

This is just another stall tactic by the Democrats to try and get past the mid-term elections and hope they can take back the government power base because it really belongs to them.

Lindsey Graham said it the way you can understand it best, “You will try and destroy this man just to regain the political power and I hope to God you never get it.”

Bud Olinger

El Dorado Springs

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