Message: I have replaced my water filter at the expense of around $1,700, due to our sulfer smelling water in El Dorado Springs.

There’s a lot of people complaining about the water on Facebook. Can’t the Sun check into this situation? The water is extremely bad, even a new water filter can’t handle this issue. Maybe the city should pay for the replacement of my filter, due to thinking it was broke.

This water issue is just that, an issue that needs to be dealt with.

Gwenn Fox


According to City Manager Bruce Rogers, the City of El Dorado Springs has three wells that are approximately 1,000 ft deep each. Water is pumped directly into the water towers. The city does not treat the water. It is delivered to the customer as it comes out of the ground.

If people are unhappy with the smell, the city would have to have to hire an engineering firm to study it. They would also have to address the high mineral content of the water. That would require building a treatment plant and a significant increase in water rates to pay for the plant and its continuous operation.

For people who have filters, they should obtain a copy of the analysis of the water at city hall to determine if the filter can adequately take care of the mineral concentration in the water.

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