Recently we were given the opinion of Angela Shipp as to how wonderful it is that we have two Muslim women elected to the US House of Representatives and how these Right Wingers complain about Muslims being anti-Israel. I wonder what planet Angela come from or if she even follows the news or the rantings and ravings of these two idiots that she is praising. This is the end result of Obama’s dream to change the United States of America and make us a Muslim nation ruled by Sharia Law.

Be very careful what you wish for Angela for Muslims ruled by Sharia Law have no use for homo-sexual persons or for those who consider themselves transgendered persons.

On the American side of the subject, remember that the motto of the United States of America is “In God we trust.” Not in Allah we trust but God. And the Bible is very clear that God will not be mocked. Be very careful on this one. God will not be mocked.

We have a very clear dividing line between male and female persons and a very easy way to tell which is which. Our creating God made this very simple and we humans are not smart enough or creative enough to do better than God so it is best that we do not even try.

In the past, you have been known as David Shipp and now it is Angela Shipp or you can even call youself “Little Bo Peep” but you will still be what God made you and there is not a darned thing you can do about it so suck it up and give God the praise for your life and live it for His glory and greatness.

Ilhn Omar and Rashida Tlaib have had their names in the public domain thanks to Ocasio-Cortiz and Her Merry Band of Idiots but their star is fast fading and I don’t think they will be long in the lime light. May they go and take Islam with them.

Bud Olinger,

El Dorado Springs