Thanksgiving is a time for sharing and to be thankful for the blessings God has given us. Yet, many of us are perplexed due to end of year personal and property taxes, holiday shopping, debts to be paid, being around people we really don’t want to be around, meal planning, cooking, etc.

Unfortunately, politics play into the holiday meals as well. News outlets from all political sides arm their readers and viewers with all kinds of information to bring to the table, and have the gall to tell them how to treat those in disdain the ones who oppose their views. They seem to enjoy being able to divide and hurt us rather than unite us.

Why can’t we just put politics aside for two days a year and come together for the true spirit of Thanksgiving and Christmas? There is enough stress out there already. I, for one, hope that everyone, even for those I disagree with, will have a Merry Christmas!

Mark Rogers

El Dorado Springs