I am writing today to let you know how I feel about Cedar County Memorial Hospital. I have worked at Cedar County Memorial Hospital both full time and prn. What I have found while working in the hospital was employees got in and learned how to do their job and many times other jobs as well. Not only did they learn, but they became highly competent. When an employee was unable to master the skill needed for their position they would leave.

Something else I witnessed of these competent employees was that they worked well together. When a patient’s life was on the line each employee that was needed did their job and others frequently stepped up to assist as needed until the patient was stable and obtained the needed care.

Currently, I am the Program Director for Senior Life Solutions, and this unit is within the hospital. I work full time. I truly love the hospital and the employees that work here. I have found they become like a second family.

Recently, my husband, Matt, has required testing and infusions that Cedar County Memorial Hospital was able to provide. From the business office to the nursing staff, each department’s employees have stepped up to listen and support our family while receiving care. These employees frequently ask how Matt is doing and are genuinely concerned. They have celebrated with me when we had good news with happy hugs and gestures. They have also provided warm hugs and kind words during times of darkness. These people have become part of our extended family.

Sadly, I live in Vernon County and my family cannot vote on Aug. 6. If we could vote, it would be a YES vote from each of us.

So I ask each of you, for Matt and me, to get out and vote YES on Tuesday, Aug. 6, for the hospital levy.


Matt and Hollee Cross

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