Sunday night past during the 60 Minutes interview with President Trump the network ran several of Clair McCaskill commercials and she told of having 50 small town meetings with Missouri residents and lo and behold some were in our area and I never heard of a darn one for I would like to have been present to hear her B.S. for that is about all she has is B.S. She is so deep in Chuck Schumer’s pocket she can’t think without Chuckie telling her it is OK. She is so sure of her position that a week before the vote on Brett Kavanaugh for the seat on the Supreme Court she told Missouri that she would be voting against him.

Well, Clair I will be voting against you for your Senate Seat and voting against every darn Democrat on the ballot.

All my working life I was registered as a Democrat but I grew up as an FDR Democrat but somewhere the party left me I didn’t leave them. I still look on Harry Truman as being one of the finest Presidents we ever had for with him “The Buck Stops Here.” He was the President and like he told Douglas McArthur, I don’t give a darn what you think of Harry Truman as a man but don’t you ever disrespect the President of the United States again.

I hope the people of Missouri retire Clair back to the state and put someone in her lace that will work for the good and welfare of the people for I don’t believe she ever did.

Bud Olinger

El Dorado Springs

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