Everyone or their ancestors came here from some place else. They came here because they thought that it would be better here than there. The urge to go where things will be better may be the most powerful of all human urges. Nothing, no wall, no ocean, no mountain range has been an effective barrier to human immigration. We may have 12 million people in the U.S. who came here without regard to the law because they thought they would be better off here than there. Most of them are good hard working people. They work harder and for less money than most Americans. They cut our grass, milk cows, slaughter hogs and do other hard unpleasant work. They are 4% of the population of the US and no amount of force will cause them and their American citizen children to leave. Humans are on the move worldwide. If global warming is real and I believe that it is, the middle latitudes will become progressive hotter and less inhabitable. Hundreds of millions, if not billions will be adversely impacted and they will have to move to northern latitudes. Africans are already on the move. Just look at what is happening to Europe. The pressure to move north will be so great that no barrier or impediment will be able to stop the movement. They are coming whether you like it or not. The illegals who are already here came here illegally because they could not get here legally. The failure of our leaders realistically deal with the immigration question has not served us well. The people who are here are mostly going to stay and the arbitrary and capricious removal of some will be unfair, cruel and offensive. The U.S. needs to normalize their lives so they can live here in peace and make it possible for millions more of them to come here legally. The resident population of the US is not replacing itself and our population is aging and will get older unless we let millions of young people come here to live. Without millions of new Americans, our GNP will stop growing and out standard of living will deteriorate. GNP grows as population and productivity increase. Increasing the GNP is already limited to about 2% per year and will grow more slowly if current levels of immigration are reduced. It is in our best interest to invite as many young reasonably well educated men and women to come to America. If they do not speak English when they get here, they will learn it out of necessity and their kids will be good English speaking Americans. Whether you like it or not the US is going to become browner, but it will still be the America, the land of opportunity. So be happy and welcome them. America will be greater for letting them come here to live.

Kent Morlan

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