If it is true that Jussie Smollet orchestrated the attack on himself, then I really have to say that I am enjoying watching all of these liberal heads explode. Many of the liberal mudstream media, Hollywood elites, and liberal politicians (some in the Democrat race for President 2020), are trying to backtrack their judgments by deleting or apologizing for earlier tweets. Nancy Pelosi is especially good about this as she wants to pass everything so she can see what’s in it, except the border wall and everything else that Trump stands for.

I really hope that we will see political ads recalling these goofs that the libeerals make on a regular basis. I think that when incidents like the Covington School and the Smollet attack get the liberals foaming at the mouth before facts can be laid out will wake up the people to see the agenda of the mudstream media and the liberals who feed on it. Though they try to untweet their tweets or apologize for making a hasty judgment, I have to wonder if their apologies are sincere, as I still find their attacks unrelenting. Some of the Democrats racing for the President 2020 are not seeing 20/20.

Mark Rogers

El Dorado Springs