As I was reading our local Waterloo Courier back in 1992, I found this article to be pertinent for the time and now, 20 years later even more so. I would like to share this with you.

“Cedar Falls – Cal Thomas says most journalists prey on people, but he’s a journalist who prays for people.

Thomas, who writes a twice-weekly column for the Los Angles Times Syndicate, was the guest speaker at Alternatives For Women Crisis Pregnancy Center’s first anniversary celebration dinner Friday night at the University of Northern Iowa. His column appears in the Courier. Thomas is a professed Christian and a staunch opponent of abortion.

‘People ask me why do I speak at so many crisis pregnancy centers – more than any other subject that I do. For the simple reason (that) this is the most prevailing evil of our time.’

Thomas was critical of today’s political leaders. He said the nation’s problems have little to do with politics and economics, but rather with decaying morals and a lack of spirituality.

‘We are frustrated and cynical about government today, in my opinion, because government has abandoned, largely, its God-given commission and is removing rights that God has endowed, and (government) is making us new rights that it’s endowing itself.

‘So government is God, and government can decide who should live and who should die,’ he said.

Thomas said the United States is involved in another civil war, but not among the states. He said the war is against God, common sense, babies, women and truth.

‘Intoxicated with unbroken success, we have become too self-sufficient to feel the need of redeeming grace, too proud to pray to the God who made us.

‘Wouldn’t it be ironic if, after all this incredible success that America has had economically, militarily, geopolitically and every other way in the 20th century, that we failed because of internal rot?” he said. “We beat the Soviet Union, we Triumphed in World War II, we won in World War I, …but after all of that, wouldn’t it be something if America fails not because of external might, but because of internal rot?’

Thomas said God is already passing judgment on the sins of this nation.

‘No one gets to the point of killing their unborn at a million and a half a year, of ingesting or injecting drugs at the rate we are, of a crisis called AIDS… until judgment has already fallen upon this nation.

‘You know the most frightening phrase in Scripture and it appears once in the Old Testament and once in the New Testament: ‘God gave them over.’ Let me tell you something, that is something that ought to terrorize everyone of us, as an individual, and nationally as a country. ‘God gave them over.’ What is he giving them over to? A depraved mind. The natural consequences of their unnatural acts. That’s scary. …you will pay, you’ll pay the price that comes with lust, and you’ll pay it in your own bodies and your own lives,’ he said.

“Thomas said the United States is without shame, a country where sinners are elevated in the eyes of the community and those who take moral and correct stand are humiliated by society.”

Wally Walentiny