I am thankful that the election is over and we can get on with our life as we want to live it. It should be clear to everyone that the American people are sick and tired of being treated as a nation of idiots that can be lied to over and over and expected to follow the lie as if it is the sacred truth. The silent majority along with the Evangelical Christian voters have spoken loud and clear that we want something different from the B.S. that Obama was peddling. His theme was “Change you can believe in” and when we saw the change we weren’t buying that either. We have race hustlers like Van Jones and Al Sharpton and Jeremiah Wright shouting that Obama was the victim of racism, which is again a bunch of B.S. and we aren’t buying that either. Ben Carson or Herman Cain either would have made a far superior President than Barack Obama but they were conservative and that just cannot be allowed for a black man to be a conservative.

And lets not forget the Evangelical Vote, Ben Carson’s group sent out bumper stickers that said “My Faith Votes because My Faith matters,” and that said a lot to many of us. We are sick and tried of Obama telling the world that we are not a Christian nation while at the same time importing as many Muslims as he can without knowing a thing about whether or not they have a tendency to be terrorists that want only to overthrow our government for their own sick purposes. Enough is enough. This country was founded on Christian beliefs and while we allow you to believe as you wish, don’t attempt to dictate a way of life that is alien to us and tell us we must follow it to please you. We are a free country and remember you are free to find another country that is more to your liking.

I hope that Kent Morlan didn’t have his feelings hurt by our not taking his advice on our choice for President but I don’t think he had a great deal of success in Tulsa either. Keep trying, Kent.

Bud Olinger

El Dorado Springs