It looks like some delusional liberals have started a petition through change.org to have Obama declare martial law to block the Trump presidency. Though it has not garnered much support, it does show that, after two full months of the election, we have losers who yet have not conceded.  Once Trump takes office, I would expect these same losers to attempt an impeachment process.

The country, in my opinion, has become more divided over the last eight years, thanks to Obama and his administration. I do not expect Trump to fix this problem; in fact, I think that groups such as Black Lives Matter are going to continue to push their agenda through violence, looting, blocking highway traffic, etc. Even Obama, I think, is already trying to make the Trump presidency a rough going. He has already turned his back on Israel, allowing floods of illegal immigrants to cross our borders, and other things in his last few weeks as President.

Trump will have his work cut out for him, but I think that he is one leader who can put America back on track as long as he hurdles the obstacles that are continuously thrown at him.

Mark E. Rogers

El Dorado Springs

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