We all have a lot to look back on and be thankful for as we remember the loved ones we have lost. Sorrow can still be there, but be thankful for the time you had with them. They had a part in your life’s plan. They have helped make you what you are today. Think happy thoughts and as Father Black, my Army Chaplain, told me once in reference to a brother veteran ‘you will be together again’.

Vietnam veterans who survived can be looking at the wall not be looking through black granite instead. Our reflection is there and the fact we are spared is a message in itself. Make the most of it as we got a chance to raise a family and compete in this old world that many of our brothers and sisters did not get. Be a good American and encourage our fellow Americans to do the same.

God Bless and Keep you. God Bless the USA.

Call on me when you are down. You are my brother.

Gary Vickers

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