After watching the “Democrat Dog and Pony Show” that made up the confirmation process for judge Brett Kavanaugh, it should be very plain to everyone with an ounce of brains or commons sense that the coming mid-term elections are the most important elections in our lifetime.

This is not about one party being superior to another party, it is more about civility above chaos. When we see Chucky Schumer and Maxine Waters foaming at the mouth and inciting unrest and pleading with their members to actively form a mob and surround members of the other party wherever they might be and threaten them with words and deeds, it is not good and is going to end in violence and possibly death for someone.

When I saw Ted Cruz and his wife surrounded by the mob of howling jackals’ when they were attempting to have dinner in a restaurant then they were forced to run down an alley to escape this mob, I can see where a person could very well fear for his or her personal safety and have to take action to keep from being injured or killed. The “Stand Your Ground Law” allows a person to use deadly force to protect themselves if they feel they are in danger of being injured or killed and in the case of Ted Cruz and his wife they were definitely in danger.

There is such blind hatred for President Trump that the Democrat Party is letting their hatred overrule their brain. It has been said that if you find yourself in a hole, the first things to do is stop digging but it seems as if that bit of wisdom has eluded the entire Democrat Party.

I hope their actions and the underhanded manner of Dianne Feinstein will remain fresh in the voters minds when they go in to cast their ballot and I further hope that instead of gaining seats in the elections that they actually lose some.

I don’t have these hopes because of any burning desire for the Republican Party but I really fear for the future of our country if the Democrats gain any kind of power. I feel pretty much as one Senator told them, ”It’s all about power and I hope to God you never get it.”

Bud Olinger

El Dorado Springs

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