Charles Murray was invited by Middleton College’s American Enterprise Institute to discuss his book “Coming Apart.” Hundreds of students protested the speech of the conservative speaker and became violent, attacking a professor, shoving members of the group and jumping on and beating against a car they were trying to leave in. Police were called to help them clear a way so they could leave.

This reminds me of what happened at Berkely in California weeks ago. Though I believe in the freedom of speech and peaceful protests, the liberal left has passed the line by becoming violent and suppressing the free speech of those they disagree with. They do not tolerate anyone who disagrees with them, yet they proclaim to be the champions of tolerance.

I personally think that our country has become more divisive since Obama took office, and I do not think it will get any better. I only hope and pray that we and our children will hold to our faith and stand up for what we believe in during these trying times.

Mark Rogers

El Dorado springs