Our Cedar County Commissioners will sue the state of Missouri in January or February for reasonable guidelines on concentrated animal farming operations. The cim is not to put anyone out of business, but to maintain fair limits on corporate farming. Our county needs all kinds of farming; it is very important to our economy, we just don’t want to see family farms and other small operations wiped out because of water, soil or air pollution. This has happened to many farm owners in the past although some families remain on their farms and put up with the foul air and water so they can continue to farm.

Can’t someone figure out ow to contain manure so it can’t pollute the air and water? Also, they must have good restrictions on manure sprayed on the fields. Unless it is properly done, it get into the water tables and eventually into rivers.

Please call the governor’s office 573/751-3222 and say you want reasonable limits on the cafos, even if you live in another county. We are all in this together.

Carolyn West