Following our announcement that Citizens Memorial Hospital/Citizens Memorial Health Care Foundation plans to affiliate with CoxHealth, there have been many questions in the community about how this will affect access to healthcare. With open enrollment underway, the biggest question I have heard is whether CMH will take your insurance.

You should feel confident that CMH has no intention to disrupt your health insurance coverage. While CMH and CoxHealth have signed a letter of intent, it will take several months before a final agreement is made. It is our belief that during this period, the contracted health insurance companies will continue to fulfill their agreements that will allow you to continue to enjoy the health care benefits covered by your insurance plan.

CMH is committed to serving the community and caring for you and your family. That will not change! We will continue to provide outstanding care from highly trained and compassionate health professionals. Thank you for making us part of your family.

If you have specific insurance questions, please call 800-326-0508 or 417-328-6508.


Donald J. Babb, CEO/Executive Director, CMH

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