Does your community want a Planned Parenthood?

Since Margaret Sanger opened the first clinic for contraception methods for women in New York years ago, women have had a safe place to go to have family planning options.

Both men and women support Zero Population Growth, the concept and organization that promoted it, in an effort to curtail the number of children produced by a couple, so that the offspring don’t exceed the number of parents. This stabilizes the number of people, as the parents die off and are replaced by two or less children. Abortion, contraception and celibacy all play into this goal. Adoption and institutionalization of unwanted children are not yet statistically viable options, to save this planet form over-population.

Abortion is almost universally wanted in cases of rape of incest, and often in the case of the baby being critically deformed by a developmental disease or a genetic deformity. Many women who have abortions go on to become able mothers later on in life, when they can support a child economically or have found a suitable mate to have a child with.

Those of us who are aware of the impact of more than nine billion people on this earth is having on our fast dwindling natural resources, wildlife and wilderness areas support responsible family planning.

Planned Parenthood provides routine gynecological care, contraception and abortion and provides vasectomy education about all and are strong proponents for women’s health issues in general.

A recent court order permits Planned Parenthood to expand past the two clinics currently open in Missouri, and the organization needs to know where the demand is highest. Your government representatives and city council members need to be informed of the need for a Planned Parenthood in your area.

For whom to call, email or where to, contact your local political party headquarters or the mayor’s office of your town.

Julie Post Lakeshore Residential Care


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