Fall is a busy time of year. Many Festivals will take place across the Ozarks. It is a wonderful time to enjoy family, friends and great entertainment.

Please remember to be careful when crossing streets with the increased traffic. Make sure children have learned to use marked crosswalks and know traffic safety. Young children should never be allowed to roam on their own.

Fall fun will abound across the county. Taking a few minutes to review the family plan for safe activities can enhance the enjoyment and prevent tragedy. Always have your children know what to do if the family gets separated. When at a fair, festival, football game or any activity, make a meeting point known to all in the family. Practice with children their knowledge of parent name and phone number. Let the child know to go to a law enforcement official, an EMT or another official who can assist the child in getting reunited with their parent.

Older adults will enjoy the cooler weather that comes with fall. A walk is always enjoyable. I encourage you to stay on designated walkways which tend to be more smooth and less likely to cause a fall. Be mindful of crosswalks and traffic.

Please enjoy all our county has to offer. Have a safe season.

And don’t forget to get your flu vaccine.

Nora Powell

Cedar County Coroner

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