I am have a problem with Verizon, which has been my cell phone carrier for many years. In April 2016, they began charging my account for El Dorado Springs sales tax and El Dorado Springs local business license surcharge. I live outside the city limits with a county address, but they refuse to stop these charges. The City manager declares that the City is not the one requesting the two collections. Verizon employees refuse to stop them. Though it amounts to only $2.80 or so monthly, it isn’t legal. Besides that, there may be other of you – living in Cedar County, outside city limits or outside other cities as well – who are being unfairly billed.

In a conversation with the Department of Revenue, it was suggested fraud charges be filed through the DOR website as a means of rectifying the situation. I intend to do so. Are there more of you out there with this problem? If so, please check your Verizon bills for these two itemized billing items.

Personally, I hate it when Customer Service won’t listen.

Shirley Simmons

El Dorado Springs

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