Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate and Hillary Clinton’s newest sidekick, has decided to challenge the election results in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Jill knew it wouldn’t change the results in her own race, so one can only guess it must be her disdain for Donald Trump. Such a poor loser. Not only that, Hillary Clinton is jumping on the recount train as well. In the last debate, Hillary stated “We’ve had free and fair elections. We’ve accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them, and that is what must be expected of anyone standing on a debate stage during a general election.” She also stated, after Donald made a remark about not conceding early should the election be rigged, “I, for one, am appalled that somebody who is the nominee of one of our two major parties would take that kind of position.”

Hillary even conceded the race to Donald Trump, under the advice of her good buddy, Barack Obama. Yet, we again see her backtracking with the hypocrisy and lies that she is known all to well for. Donald turned a 180 on his promise to prosecute Hillary. After this, I would hope he would turn another 180 and proceed.

Mark Rogers

El Dorado Springs

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