I recently ran across a newspaper article that I had kept that hit a soft spot with me. The article was titled “Living life in absence of hop.” In it the author talked about a street she drives down with many houses that have sagging porches, broken down appliances and furniture with rusted springs sticking out. Windows that are taped, broken, boarded up. Ugly faded sheets and blankets that are tacked across them in lieu of crisp gingham curtains or draperies of some sort. Yards that are littered with junk that should have been hauled to the curb ages ago. Sadly, broken toys are thrown about, sorry evidence that children whose residence is beyond their choice, live in these dwellings.

Some people live in such dwellings because they are old. Disabled. Others are trying as hard as they can, chipping away at the too much month at the end of the money. Others live that way because it is all they have ever known. So they’ve made a choice without knowing it.

Sound familiar or sound like many neighborhoods in our town of El Dorado Springs? What can we do to encourage or give hope to those less fortunate than us? I know recently we had a town cleanup day but those good people can only clean the street not the yards or someone’s front porch unless they are given permission.

Having pride with one;s surrounding is also a really big deal. Having pride doesn’t cost anything and I don’t mean boastful but just taking time to clean up the porch and yard. Wouldn’t it be awesome to drive around our hometwon and see huge improvements that just a little sweat equity can take care of?

And wouldn’t it warm their hearts when all the dust is swept up, to give them a beautiful pot of geraniums for their front porch?

Rosie Bogart

Concerned citizen of El Dorado Springs

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