Cedar County Taxpayers:

Our six member Cedar County Ambulance Board, a political subdivision, is supposedly elected. Presently, two are elected and four are appointed. Supposedly, they answer to we taxpayers (?). At this time they are zealously stumbling through a procedure called “Design-Build” and are governed by house bill HB 2376 RSMo pg 4, section 67.5060, a bill which spells out everything you need to know about “design-build.”

HB2376 RSMo sec 67.5060 requires our board to hire a licensed architect or engineer to act as our Design Criteria Consultant (DCC), our protector. Having expressed to me his disgust for architects and their exorbitant fees, John Wilson, board president, sought and accepted free services from Ken Mata/Morton Buildings, services reserved for our Design Criteria Consultant, including assistance in preparation of the Request For Proposals (RFP) which are to be received Friday, August 18.

After the required two  (misleading in my opinion) advertisements (they implied the proposal packets were to be available on August 18, the same day they are due!). We still do not have our guardian DCC to help evaluate proposals during the short turn around time specified. Should they ask Mata/Morton, our unofficial acting DCC, to assist in evaluating proposals, we can assume it will be a very SHORT turn around time.

Ah, yes, HB 2376 RSMo sec 67.5060 also stipulates the DCC shall not submit a proposal. I assume this would include our (illegal, in my opinion) acting DCC pole barn builder, (Ken Mata/Morton Buildings).

Have I mentioned our board’s or Mata’s failure to include or address stipends required in the RFP? It could be $4,305 or $12,915 or more based on our board’s short-turn-around evaluations. After weeks assisting our board, Mata’s/Morton’s proposal is likely sealed and awaiting delivery. Having only 16 days, other proposers are furiously preparing their RFPs.

Had our board hired a lawful Design Criteria Consultant, they might have a professionally designed building of 5,200+/- square feet as opposed to Mata’s (illegal,  in my opinion) non-professional pole barn design of 6,360 square feet.  This could save taxpayers $100,000. Must our board feel obligated to spend the entire budget of $861,000?

Express your concern for our board’s activity. Email or call board president John Wilson at JAWilson918@gmail.com, office:  417-809-9704, or cell: 417-955-2668; board members Evelyn Boyle: 417-876-4216 and Nadine Sinclair: 276-4321. Ask them two questions:  1. Who is your/our legal Design Criteria Consultant? 2. Is our board fully compliant with HB2376 RSMo Section 67.5060?

All of the above are my opinions based on my investigation of our board’s actions and years of experience as an architect..

Harry G. Rowe (retired architect A2115)


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