A letter to the citizens of Cedar County Ambulance District 1:

I have served as your elected representative on the CCAD Board of Directors since April 2011 and am grateful for the trust you placed in me to represent your interests. After evaluating several issues in my life I have decided the time has come to relocate closer to medical facilities.

I have already purchased a home in Moberly and the moving is already taking place. A big upside is this move will gets us close to Phil’s children and the grandkids.

Reflecting back, I feel the Ambulance District is much more financially secure and better equipped than it was in 2011 when I was elected. We are operating the District within our annual budgets. We have a schedule established to replace the county ambulances as they age. We have set aside reserve funds in the unfortunate event the District loses an ambulance due to an accident, thus insuring you will have an up-to-date ambulance when you need it.

Representing District 1 has been an honor and I thank you all for your trust and support over the years.

Ms. Sue Rice

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