The judge is still considering arguments on the constitutionality of SB391 on CAFOs which would limit our county commissioners ability to address local health concerns and protect Stockton Lake, which provides Springfield’s City water supply. Your calls saying SB 391 is unconstitutional are still very important. Please call the Governor 573/751-3222, or your district State Senator District 28573/751-8793, District 125 573/751-4065. If you live in other districts, please call your representatives.

The Missouri Rural Crisis Center in their position paper entitled Our position on CAFOs and Corporate Controlled of Livestock Markets says “As much as corporate ag supporters would like us to believe that the industrialization of meat production is inevitable, more efficient and results and cheaper food, it simply isn’t true. Family farmers are still the most efficient producers of livestock, jobs, rural economic development and a healthy environment.”

Several of my friend have told me about their friend who run huge chicken farms and how they must abide by state regulations. They run exemplary businesses and do not pollute the water, earth or air. Responsible producers are out there and I am so glad of that. But don’t you feel better knowing our commissioners want to enforce reasonable health ordinances on those who don’t to protect the rest of us?

Also, the MRCC had to delay Family Farm Lobby Day in Jefferson City until maybe mid April because of a shut-down on large gatherings. You can call 573/449-1336 or email for more information.

Pipestone Systems, a CAFO corporation from Pipestone, MN, is targeting Missouri to build more hog CAFOs, because the concentration of hogs in Minnesota and Iowa created many livestock disease problems. They said publicly that they are coming to Missouri because we have clean water without animal diseases. They have built or are attempting to build hog CAFOs near Butler and Rich Hill. They need up to 625,000 gallons of water per day from the public water system districts.

Carolyn West

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