In 2013, Harry Reid and the Democrats passed a rule that was dubbed the “nuclear option.” Its premise was to eliminate the use of a filibuster on every single presidential nominee, with the exception of those nominated to the Supreme Court. At the time, they were loving the rule because Obama could push through with his nominations without much opposition from the Republicans.Before this “nuclear option,” the nomination was supposed to have 60 votes in order to be filibuster proof.

Harry Reid stated to reporters that the rule was necessary and that the “American people believe that the Senate is broken and I believe the American people are right. It’s time to get the Senate working again.” The mudstream media was behind Reid and the other Democrats as they were applauding the rule change as a necessity for the American people.

And to think, the Republicans in 2013 were against this “nuclear option.” They now get to use it. President Trump gets to pick his nominations and only needs a simple majority for approval. Of course, the Democrats and the mudstream media are not very happy; one of their main concerns is Jeff Sessions for Attorney General because he is going to make sure Hillary Clinton doesn’t get away with her crimes.

Isn’t life great sometimes?

This information was taken from internet searches.

Mark E. Rogers

El Dorado Springs

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