It looks like the Democrats are STILL trying to find ways to remove Trump from office, this time by invoking the 25th Amendment, stating that Donald is not mentally fit to be President. It looks like this tantrum could be going on for a very long time.

In other news, witches have cast a “mass spell” on Trump and his followers, hoping to remove him from office. This is supposed to take place once a month until Trump leaves office. This could happen 94 more times should Donald serve two terms.

I have never seen politics so involved in the entertainment industry, sports industry, clothing industry, etc. in my lifetime. There are so many things being boycotted that it appears that one cannot possibly NOT be involved in politics in some form or other.

I think I will go to the March 4 Trump at Jefferson City on March 4. I have never been to a march or a protest before. After that, on my way back home, I just might stop by Bagnell Dam and try some fishing luck there.

Mark Rogers

El Dorado Springs