I would like to take the time to thank the citizens and businesses in our community that showed their unwavering support to our enforcement officers. We are in a time in our nation’s history that is seeing an extreme change in the ethics, morals and values of our citizens. These changes are concerning to me as a father, husband, citizen and police officer. We have seen that mainstream media and members of our government glorify victims of officer involved shootings and immediately condemn the officer or officers involved without attempting to reveal the true facts concerning the incident. I know, as an officer, that every officer involved shooting incident is investigated to the best of the investigators’ abilities. These investigators are not afraid to hold officers who have done wrong accountable for their actions.

I believe that the incident in Ferguson, revealed the nature of how long a detailed investigation can take, and in addition, the lengthy process of bringing the information to a jury to be heard. Our country once prided itself on tolerance and digging to obtain factual information before making a decision and thinking about how that decision would affect our people in the long term. Now it seems that decisions are made without factual information and to only further political agendas.

I would like everyone to know that it is encouraging and uplifting to the officers to be part of a community that supports law enforcement. Your cards, handshakes and well wishes have been greatly appreciated.  I have seen officers’ eyes tear up over a simple thank you card. Thank You and God Bless Our Community.


Jarrod Schiereck, Chief of Police

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