Cedar County Memorial Hospital wishes to say “thank you” to Cedar County Presiding Commissioner Marlon Collins for his recent Letter to the Editor encouraging area residents to utilize our services.  While we understand we cannot provide all of the medical services needed by our local residents, we do offer a wide range of those services.

Funding changes have created a competitive environment for rural hospitals, causing many small rural hospitals to close as larger hospitals expand beyond their immediate service areas drawing patients away from their smaller competitors.

Cedar County Memorial Hospital reminds you that we are here for you, our local residents; and we rely on your patronage for our continued viability.  We encourage you to learn about our services; and take advantage of those services we offer locally.  From specialty clinic services and 24/7 expert emergency room care to outpatient laboratory, radiology and therapy services, you can request to have services performed at Cedar County Memorial Hospital even if you are seeing a medical provider outside of the county.

Again, “thank you” to Marlon Collins for his continued support.

Cedar County Memorial Hospital

Board of Directors & Administration