Once again in this topsy-turvy world of politics we have the pot calling the kettle black. With this brain dead Democratic party we have a host of wanna-be Presidents who can’t do anything but had-mouth the President and call him a traitor for doing the job that the Democrats don’t have the brains or the guts to do.

All the major players in the Democratic party have for years called for the sealing of our southern border but let Trump mention it and he is a traitor for doing so.

For eight years we sat and watched the most inept President travel the world and apologize for the war-like foreign policy that we shoved down the world’s throat while we conducted one war after another and killed all those innocent people, oh, he was ashamed to be called an American.

At the present time we have an untold number of personal storming our borders demanding to be allowed to enter and be given the necessities of life because they need them and cannot live in the land of their birth because of the high crime rate and they have no job skills to offer but since we are such a rich country we must give to them. Now the Democrats being such a loving people and knowing full well that we have native born citizens who are living on the streets and sleeping in the open say “Oh yes let them in and we will take car of everyone.”

Now this past week we find hoards of people among these new arrivals are from Africa where the Ebola virus is rampant and we have no idea if they are sick or not and they will not answer any questions as to their place of origin or how they got to the USA only that ICE is not their friend so do not answer any questions for anyone. This sounds to me like a disaster going somewhere to happen and unless the Democrats get behind President Trump and give his the help he needs to handle this immigration problem, we can just bend over and grab our ankles and kiss our behind good-by for we will be finished as a nation. I do believe they are to stupid and stiff necked to do anything for the good and welfare of our country and would rather see us go down the drain than give Trump the help he needs.

As far as I’m concerned the true traitors are the Democratic party.

Bud Olinger

El Dorado Springs