It appears that Trump Derangement Syndrome is a full-blown plague now. The number of hate.crime hoaxes has increased considerably since Donald Trump took office. I will mention a few of the rope noose hoaxes covering this period of time.

Michelle Malkin mentions some of these hoaxes. In 2017, protesters organized at Kansas State University after someone reported a noose hanging from a tree. The noose was made of parachute cord which police believed had been discarded by someone who msy have been practicing tying different knots.

At  Michigan   State   University in 2017,  administrators  went berserk when a student claimed a noose was hanging outside of her dorm. It turned out to be packaged leather shoelaces that someone seemed to have dropped accidentally.

Also, in 2017, NPR reported that nooses have beer found on the grounds of Smithsonian museums. They refused to turn over any video recordings. The story could not be corroborated.

In 2018, ABC, CBS, CNN, and Yahoo blared headlines about 7 nooses and hate signs being found hanging in trees near the Mississippi State Capitol shortly before the special runoff for U,S. Senate. This ended up being a publicity stunt by Democrats.

Even with Jussie Smollett orchestrating a hate crime recently, some reporters are stating that it is not his fault, but Trump’s fault for setting up a hate-filled climate.

This is proof that the left fail to be responsible for their own actions, which seem to be run by emotions. Is this what we really want for our future leadership? Yes, the Trump Derangement Syndrome is alive and well in America.

Mark Rogers

El Dorado Springs

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