The United States is not safe or secure. The military is weakened. President Biden left millions of dollars worth of military hardware, 9,000 American citizens and Afghan people who helped us with the murderous Taliban. I shudder to think how our fighting men and women will fare in the Ukraine and other places against multitudinous and well-equipped enemies. Dollar support has been lowered.

Two million unvetted, unvaccinated immigrants plus unknown get-a-ways entered our borders in 2021. The immigrants supposedly get $400 every two weeks, free education and free housing For months hundreds of illegals have been flying wherever they want to go. (Billy Long said he saw it in April 2021, from Texas). This is all at taxpayer expense. They spent $340M the first nine months of 2021 on this according to Newsmax.

Biden cancelled the Keystone XL Pipeline his first day. We were exporting energy: Now our allies and we too are dependent on world energy production. Gas at the pump costs more than a dollar more than it did a year ago. This contributes to the cost of everything because trucking etc. moves the nation’s goods.

The economy is tanking. Inflation is high. Taxes are due to go up-some say threefold. Interest is bound to go up. National debt is $30 trillion now. Rep. Bryan Steil, R. Wisconsin, said every man, woman and child in US is now $90,000 in debt (excluding the immigrants). Being so much in debt (China hold a lot of the debt), is very dangerous because we can’t afford to defend ourselves property, or even to pay off our debt. Our dollar will be devalued further, causing worse inflation.

We are losing rights. A collusion of big tech providers and government does away with free speech. Many have lost the ability to earn a living with the COVID regulations. We can’t even always make right decisions because of government looking over our shoulder.

The US is not safe or secure. Our enemies know it. The are looking for the right opportunity to take us out. Our military is not what it used to be. Our police force is not supported. Good policemen die every day, or just about. Soros supported district attorneys have changed the interpretation of the laws so robbers are not prosecuted for less than $940 (I think). Kamala Harris bailed out Black Lives Matter criminals. Lawlessness is sanctioned at the highest levels of the Democrat party.

Carolyn West