What is the Cause of this bloody violence and is there a Cure?

The weekend of July 3 & 4, 2019 was a time of bloody violence that deserves the attention of everyone one who loves and cares about America and the future for our children and those we love.  In El Paso, TX 22 people were gunned down and others injured and hours later 9 people were mowed down in gun fire and others were injured, some critically, in Dayton, Ohio.  This same weekend was a bloody scene in Chicago, and almost every other major city in America witnessed violence, blood shed and death.  The number of unborn children that were murdered in abortion clinics funded by the U.S. Government in taxes collected from the American people averages close to 3,000 each day.  America has become a killing field!  We are becoming a third world nation of violence!

What is the Response?  The Left leaning Democratic Party, the National Media, and RINO liberals in the Republican Party believe the cause lies in the guns owned by innocent law keeping Americans.  They call for gun confiscation or so many gun controls that no one would even want to own a gun.  These people see gun laws as the urgent need!  Remove the guns from all gun owners or legislate gun controls to a point where there is no 2nd Amendment being exercised.

The Republican Party does not have the answer.  Sensible people know that people kill people.  The first murder in history did not occur with a gun.  Cain did not kill Abel with a gun.  There are countless other weapons that people use to kill others.  Knives, rocks, hammers, iron objects, the list is endless.  Pipe bombs and other explosives can massacre more people than most guns.

Mentally ill people do need treatment but dumping more money into mental health treatment and lock down hospitals is not going to prevent people from becoming the victim of criminal homicide.

To the left wild eyed socialist Democrats, we do not need more gun laws or outright gun confiscation which is the ultimate objective of the far left.  And No to the Liberals in the Republican Party who support Red Flag Laws that will barter away the 2nd Amendment and open the door to go down the same essential path that many of the Democrats want to take us. Politicians in both the Democratic and Republican Party have yet to name the real cause and the only cure for the killing fields of America to end!   

The Cause for Violence in America

The growing violence in America stems from one basic root cause.  We are no longer a moral nation rooted in the biblical morality that has guided America from its very beginning.  We have lost all moral virtue.  The American people watched the U.S. Government reject God and deny Him a place in this country in 1962.  We followed in 1963 with a denial of the Bible.  Thereafter we followed by removing the Ten Commandments from the public venues of this country including our public school classrooms at every level of public education.  America sanctioned free love, in 1960 and introduced the pill to erase the consequences of our plunge into the abyss of immorality.  We gave government sanction and protection to killing unborn children in 1973, and we now are moving toward assisted suicide for terminally ill people.  American has adopted a culture of death!  Our children feed on videos and movies that are pulsating with violence!

We are a nation with growing millions of people who live without any ethical virtue and biblical morality.  The preachers and parishioners have acquiesced to this immorality rather than use their Bibles and freedom of speech to speak out and stop the blood letting.  Our politicians, the very best that money can buy, are afraid to take a position against the war on God and biblical morality.  No nation can reject God, scorn the truth of the Bible, reject the moral laws of Scripture, fail to teach these laws, legislate these laws, and expect to remain a safe, secure, tranquil and happy nation. When we reject God’s law from our Federal, State, and Local governments we enthrone humanism and it will fail us every time!

You can pass all the gun control laws you want, build all the mental institutions your taxes dollars can build, and do whatever else you want to do and the violence will not end.  The killing fields of America will only end when and if we return to the biblical morality and ethical virtue that was once the hallmark of this nation.  And this moral virtue must begin with the preachers, fathers, educators, politicians, law enforcement, and anyone holding authority in any form.

This country has drifted so far from God and biblical morality that we have lost the difference between male and female, the definition of marriage, and have become so stupid and morally dumb that we are moving toward unisex bathrooms, and liberal parents are letting their children and not God tell them whether they are male or female.  We are moving toward the brink of insanity!

The Cure for Violence in America

All Clergy and their respective congregations must engage themselves in the worthy examination and study of biblical morality and then demand from your government officials that they return to ethical and moral legislation and end the humanist laws that now flood our nation.  End the killing of all unborn children.  End all assisted suicide for the terminally ill. Return God, prayer, the Ten Commandments, and the common sense moral virtues that used to be a part of our nation’s elementary, middle, high school, college, and university curriculum.   Return the Ten Commandments to the public square.

The future is in the hands of the American voters.  They can throw out of office any politician that will not return God’s moral ethical and virtuous laws and repeal all existing laws found to be in conflict with God and Scripture.  Until this happens expect the blood letting in America to not only continue but to grow in its intensity and the pain and sorrow that will follow.

Dan Gayman

Schell City